Some treat coins as an investment, while others as a hobby and interesting collector’s material. Many also combine passion with investment, which is why our offer is addressed both to one group and the other

Gold is a material that has been with people for many, many years. The value of gold has changed dramatically over time, a few centuries ago rock salt was more valuable than gold, while on the stock exchange gold in 2019 was breaking new records in price.

In August 2019, the price of an ounce of gold exceeded the magic barrier of $ 2,000, and then slightly adjusted – first to around $ 1,900, and then even to around 1,780. Meanwhile, gold is rising again and is approaching the magic barrier with a two at the beginning

One of the most interesting foreign items in our offer is a 100 kroner coin, minted in 1913 during the reign of Franz Joseph. The specimen in our offer is the original – old mint.
It is embossed with a mirror stamp and has an impeccably preserved detail and an excellent mint gloss. The weight of the coin is as much as 33.86 grams, and in addition it is a very rare coin in the trade and it is not known when there will be another opportunity to include this great item in the collection. This coin can be an ornament in more than one collection!

From gold coins from Hungary, we will offer 20 kronor in a phenomenal condition.
A coin with great appearance!

For a change, the next item will be the iconic gold coin with the image of the first King of Poland, Bolesław the Brave, with a face value of 10 zlotys, very sought after by collectors of the Second Polish Republic. These coins are gaining more and more popularity and are eagerly included in the collections of interwar coins

From investment coins, however with a ‘historical soul’, we would like to offer you the Austrian ducat from 1900, several 20 francs – each with a different, interesting design, both the obverse and the reverse, or the Dutch ducat from 1925 in mint condition. Each of these coins is a good investment material as well as an interesting value for the collection of gold coins. For fans of Tsarist Russia, we have prepared, among others, 5 ruble coins of Alexander III or Nicholas II,
a rare 7.5 ruble denomination from 1897, or a 15 ruble coin from 1897.

As a dessert for collectors of older coins, we have prepared a very nice copy of the Catherine II ruble from 1779 and many other coins that are worth seeing at

We wish you a nice day!


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