Welcome on Saturday afternoon. The afternoon that was supposed to bring us the opening of the auction, but as it usually happens, the opening has moved to tomorrow. We need to correct a few things and arrange the session correctly so that they are as “friendly and intuitive” as possible for you. We know that we will not be able to please everyone and, like every auction, immediately after opening the catalog, we will receive a hundred messages such as “why is Poniatowski going on Wednesday at 6pm if I have to take my son to a singing lesson at 6:30 pm? ” . Unfortunately, we will not skip this and with the auction with almost 4,500 items,
such a conflict of interest is inevitable

Anyway, today, theoretically, the day before the opening, we present a few coins from the period of the Second Polish Republic, i.e. a section in which we have prepared over 500 items.
We guarantee that everyone will find something for themselves, from MAX scores in NGC, through coin vacancies that can only receive these MAXs, ending with ordinary circulating items that can satisfy everyone. We will offer these coins on January 15, i.e. on Friday, on the day before the end of the auction, to which we cordially invite you!

We guarantee that everyone will find something for themselves


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