Welcome to Saturday morning.

Our E-Auction 5 starts in just 2 days.

And we’ll start with a collections!

Selling the collection is a trend that we see more and more on the market – it makes us happy because it shows that among collectors there are many concepts of creating a collection based on specific guidelines, e.g. denominations.

And these are the collections that were put on our Auction.

We will have the pleasure to bid on an interesting collection of Polish and Polish półtorak, among which, apart from many typological rarities, there are also interesting facts – e.g. 5 coins whose photos were used by Nieczytajle and Zamiechowski to illustrate the varieties in their catalog!

The second collection that was hit by the hammer are Sobieski’s sixes. Among them, there are many rare ornaments or busts (e.g. with an antique-style shoulder pad, or very rare with one bump, and for the first time in our offer with two bumps!)

The last of the collection to be auctioned will be the ortas of Sigismund III Vasa. Among them, there are many typological rarities, one copy illustrated by Szatalin, and even several copies not described in this publication!

We invite you to https://rda.onebid.pl/pl/auction/-/1573?p=1 to view the offer and register!


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