Do the coins have to be perfect? No!

At least not when they are interesting or unique!

Nowadays we are dealing with more and more frequent pursuit of beautiful things (and this does not only apply to numismatics). However, when it comes to coins, this is not always
a completely right approach.

Of course, having beautiful, minted items is the most pleasant, but what to do when a very rare coin appears on the market, but in a common condition, or with defects in the form of lugs, holes etc.?

In our opinion, such coins always deserve the attention of collectors. At least due to the fact that the opportunity to purchase nicer copies may never be found (and if you do get a worse one, you can always sell it without depleting the collection in terms of typology), or they are beyond our financial reach (let’s face it – Zygmunt Augustus’s pennies cost from several dozen to several hundred zlotys, but trojak or szóstak coins of this ruler is much more expensive).

Therefore, our E-Auctions often find items of extreme rarity, although in worse condition.
And it will be no different at E-Auction 4, where on day 1 we will give everyone the opportunity to increase the collection with many typological rarities, such as the following

The entire auction is available at

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