Polish coins from the upcoming E-Auction 4 enjoying the greatest popularity.

On the occasion of the beginning of the weekend, we decided to do some short statistics in the section of Polish coins. And in connection with them, we want to share the news in the form of items for which we have the most questions, which are most frequently clicked or observed.

Among them are items from all departments. The interest in many items shows us that despite COVID, the numismatic market is still doing well, both in the range of items up to PLN 100, up to PLN 1000, and those with a value above the national average salary. At least when it comes to the interest among collectors

And which items are the most popular? Of course, some of them are the “highlights” of this auction, but many are also items that have been very popular for years, for example coins of the Second Polish Republic

The auction starts next Monday at 17.00 at https://rda.onebid.pl/pl/aukcje/-/1536?p=1

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