When it gets gloomy outside the window and half of Poland is covered with clouds, RDA comes to the rescue, reminding you that at the upcoming auction we offer yellow discs of all sorts and various collectors’ undertones … from those close to the investment approach, like all fours of new beating , to rare collectible items, such as 10 Wuerttemberg marks, or a Dutch-type ducat from 1833, minted in St. Petersburg. These and many others will change hands in a few days

We cordially invite you to our auction, which starts on September 28 at www.RDA.onebid.pl

Taking advantage of this opportunity, we invite you to cooperate with the VI – catalog auction. We accept positions for it until October 14. At the outset, an illustrative photo sent via PM or to our mailbox is enough – aukcje@rzeszowskidomaukcyjny.pl ,
and we can guarantee you that it will not run out of emotions.

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