We like the Gdańsk ort coins, the Gdańsk orts coins like us 💪

From our first auction, we give you a choice of a lot of selected ort coins, it will be no different at the next auction, and as an example, we propose to see one of the rarest ort coins of the city of Gdańsk – the year 1614 in a variant with small numbers “14”.

At our last auction, a similar variety was sold for PLN 9,775, obtaining one of the highest auction results of this year. This time we offer a variant in which SIGIS.3.D.G.REX has a different punctuation and in place of the dot separating “GOD’S FAVOR FROM THE KING” appears the colon SIGIS.3.D.G:REX.

We cordially invite you to register, which has been possible for several days 😊

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