Coins of the Teutonic Order.

This is one of the largest sections of the upcoming E-Auction 4.

The coins that fired the minds of Polish, German, Russian and many other scientists certainly belong to an interesting coinage.

Classified in Vossberg’s work, they are an object of increasing interest among collectors today.

Our auction includes an almost full cross-section of this coinage (of course, from the time of the existence of the Order in the vicinity of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland).
From bracteats to a quarter-inch clip, from the beginning of the Order in Poland to the last of the Grand Masters.

There will be a complete set of Winrich von Kniprode denominations, and even two items not described by Vossberg, which can certainly be a considerable decoration of many collections.
In addition, you will find typologically interesting bacteates, including the sought-after shoulder with a pennant, or the imitation of the emission with the crown.

We invite you to view the entire section and registration!…/Monety-sredniowieczne-panstw-zwiaza…

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