For a good start of the week, we present our ace up the sleeve, which is a pride of the upcoming event and at the same time one of the most interesting szóstak coins that will be auctioned at all autumn auctions … 💪

A very rare item absent from most collections.

Position sought in any state of conservation. Here is a well-presented specimen,
slightly damaged, with a cut running through the missing piece of the rim.

Probably a variant with “x” at the end of the obverse legend not described in the literature.
Unknown from market quotations available in public archives,
not described in the specialized catalog of Ryszard Kozłowski.

Obverse: the bust of the king with a crown, armor and ruff facing the right, separated by an inner rope rim, along the outer rim a legend:

Reverse: at the top of the field the coats of arms of the Crown, Vasa and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, above them the symbol of the V-I face value, separated by a crown; a legend in 3 lines under the coats of arms:
GROS.ARGE/SEXD REGN/POLONIAEx, below the date 15-x-95 separated by the sign of Herman Rudiger’s rose, the Lewart coat of arms of the Grand Treasurer of the Crown Jan Firlej and the sign of Andrzej Lauffert’s grate; below, separated by a shield with the Lewart coat of arms, the initials of Podskarbi xI-Fx.

In less than a week, it will change its owner – we wish you good luck and we guarantee that emotions will be at its peak.

We invite you from September 28 on

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