It’s time to start showing some szóstak coins!

At the beginning, we propose an extraordinary coin in its simplicity.

A beautiful copy of the szóstak coin of Jan Kazimierz from 1662 with a very good, especially on the reverse, mint gloss.

It is stamped with a tired obverse stamp, slightly damaged – typical for this emission.

However, here, apart from the beautiful state of preservation, something else draws attention – the legend of the obverse!

This variation is indescribable in Kamiński and Kurpiewski, and we did not find “fast” prices.
It is characterized by two dots between the G and the REX … that is, they would have been characteristic if there had been a classic REX there. However, we have only RE

And this is just the first of the curiosities in this collection

Ps: we invite you to the film presentation:

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