Today we want to present you 3 coins from our upcoming auction.

The ort coins of Zygmunt III Vasa is a subject collected more and more willingly, rich in varieties and variants.

Among them, many are interesting. During our August E-Auction, a dozen or so of these coins will go under the hammer, but today we will focus on three specimens.

Ort nr 1 is the production of the Bydgoszcz Mint from 1621. A popular variety in good condition. An interesting fact, however, is the obverse. The coin has a slightly doubled mark, but interesting enough that the part covering the inner ring has a concave reflection. Just a production curiosity

Ort No. 2 is again the year 1621, this time with the denomination under the bust in an oval shield. Usually a coin a bit rarer, but easy to get. Here, however, additionally in a variant with the end of the PRV MA legend, with a more interesting bust, which makes this specimen rare
(R3 with Szatalin).

The last orth is also the year 1621 from Bydgoszcz in a variation with the abbreviation of the name SIGI as it was done in the previous year. A rare type in its own right, here in the variant Szatalin judged on R4.

And these are not the only curiosities in this section

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