The work on the August E-auction is in progress, but we would like to welcome you to the weekend with such a modest photo of a small section by far the largest collection of grosz coins from the period of the Second Polish Republic offered on the auction market this year.
Roller grosz coins in most of the popular years still appear sporadically at auctions, but in the case of this photograph, a skilled eye will notice that the photo shows the years of … 1933 and 1934, which are one of the rarest grosz coins. Hereby, in a way, we are smuggling you information that in just over a month we will offer over 100 mint groszy coins from various vintages, of which,
in our opinion, a large number has a chance of very high marks in the American grading.
At the auction we will offer the entire collection, which, by the will of the consignor, has not been graded, and if you look at the first dozen or so first items from 1933, you can see a lot of
“high MS” Coins due to their “free range” storage, mostly in the RB colors and BN and a pleasant multi-colored patina.
Summing up, we invite coin hunters to “MAX notes” as well as collectors who prefer
grading-free coins .. everyone will surely find something for themselves.
This year, thanks to our auction initiative in the middle of the holidays, we hope that we will provide you with a lot of excitement and that this yearly idle auction deadlock will be permanently broken … after all, there is nothing more pleasant than an auction of fantastic coins at a lavishly set holiday table!

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