The auction starts in 11 days. Yesterday we showed a section of Tsarist Russia, today we would like to present the best items from the period of the Second Polish Republic 🙂

Almost the entire set will appear at the auction, except for a few items. The auction will not be short of many pearls 🙂

Among the items deserving the most attention is 2 zlotys with the letter H, which will appeal to virtually every collector of this topic! A mint copy in a beautiful, old patina. NGC rated this coin on MS61.

An extremely fresh specimen will appear, 2 zlotys with a dot, which, despite a few small spots, has an excellent appearance!

It is also worth paying attention to the zloty, especially the one from 1924, a mint copy, beautifully minted, with an excellent patina. In this condition, certainly not in many collections 🙂

Among the selected specimens, there were also nickel coins. 20 and 50 pennies (groszy) from 1923 received excellent notes respectively MS65 and MS68! Finding a nice coin is not difficult, however, such selected copies can be a problem 🙂

It is also difficult to buy beautiful 5 groszy 1934, which we will offer in a nice brown color with very good detail. From grosz coins there will also be a great 1 grosz from 1934, and for ‘dessert’ a coin roll of 2 pennies from 1939!

We will also offer Heads of Women and Piłsudski in mint states, as well as in notes AU58-MS64.

A great complement to the section will be the mint banner and the superbly preserved 5 zlotys Nike from 1931, very desirable by many collectors because of the rare vintage.

To see more please visit:…/903037/1290/II-Rzeczpospolita-19…/1/0/0…

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