For the evening we recommend the section ‘Poland under Partitions’. There you will find a lot of nice and interesting coins that can be a good complement to many collections 🙂

One of the most interesting coins is the thaler from the Duchy of Warsaw of Frederick August from 1811, minted in a circulation of only 4,488 pieces! Nicely preserved copy in a very nice patina 🙂

A very rare item is 1 zloty 1833, Dominium Grudekwalor, which was virtually absent from auctioning. There is one known token from this period (10 groszy 1833), sold at the WCN auction for PLN 600 in 2009. However, for the zloty we did not find a note 🙂 A token attributed to the property of priest Adam Czartoryski located in the Bracławskie voivodship, later in the Podolia Governorate.

Great zloty from 1829 and 1832 appeared in the offer. Few circulation copies in a very pleasant patina with well-preserved details.

The decoration of the section is 3 grosze Polish 1834 IP. A beautiful specimen, which was minted in 1859 with a specially prepared polished stamp, which gave the beating today called “mirror”. Such a coin was in the collection of, among others, Stanisław Niewitecki.
The specimen was appreciated by the MS64 note, which is the highest in NGC for this coin.

Very nice specimens of 3 groszy, 10 groszy and 5 zlotys will also appear. There will also be weaker specimens for less advanced collectors and a variety of 10 groszy with eagle’s bent claws.

Finally, a popular coin in an unpopular condition. Mint 10 groszy 1840 in a beautiful, old patina with a great detail, which has received the NGC MS63 note.

We hope you enjoy the section 🙂 We wish you a good evening 😉

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