Good morning 🙂 Friday we will start with medieval coins until 1506.
At the start a few nice bracteates, one with the image of a pot helmet with feathers, the other with a star and a crescent, and the third is a wheel with 6 spokes.
We will also offer several half-groszys of Władysław Jagiełło, including the letter N and the letter F and ‡.
A great set of trzeciaks also hit the auction. We offer several individually, and one set comes from the Bentkowski collection!
The note refers to the identification of these coins by Bandtkie-Stężyński, i.e. the work from 1839. Mr Bentkowski probably refers to the origin of the coins, perhaps from Feliks Bentkowski – from 1827 responsible for creating the collections of the numismatic cabinet of the Royal University of Warsaw. His numismatic traditions were also continued by his son-in-law – Kazimierz Stronczyński.
There will also be several Russian quartets and many Jagiellonian denarius.
We invite you to watch 🙂

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