Today we decided to devote to German coins, and there are over 70 items, including several sets 🙂

Everyone will find something for themselves, from a small coin, through mint marks, thalers,
to gold.

To start, one of the prettiest 28 stubers that has appeared at Polish auctions recently. Appreciated by MS63 note, where only one item is in note MS64! Despite some typical shortcuts for this section, the copy has a wonderful mirror in the background.

Another beautiful item is 1/12 thaler 1816, which NGC rated MS61, and if it wasn’t for two small defects of the sheet, it would certainly be higher! After all, it is still the highest rated copy in the NGC register. The gloss on the coin could embarrass many modern SLRs.

The great thaler of Jan Jerzy from 1623 is also in the maximum note in NGC – MS63.
Despite the slight deficiency, the coin has a great appearance and a nice old patina 🙂

The gold coins will include, among others, 10 marks 1904 from Württemberg, which was minted in Stuttgart, or 20 marks 1894 of Frederick I from the mint in Karsluche.

Finally, a set of 3 and 5 marks 1911 LVITPOLD, 3 marks 1911 on the occasion of the 25th wedding anniversary of William II with Charlotte and a set of 5 marks 1966-1975 commemorative in silver.

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