At our E-Auction 2 – coins of Stanisław August Poniatowski

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For today we have prepared only 6, but beautiful coins of Stanisław August Poniatowski.

The pride of this section will be a 2 zloty from 1792. A fully mint specimen with a delicate justification on the reverse and an excellent gloss on both sides. The coin was appreciated by MS62 in PCGS. This is the only coin from this year in the note MS!

The second very nice item is the 2 zloty 1794. The rarer variety was minted according to the new, reduced mint rate, with 42 1/4 on the reverse. The coin has a well-preserved detail.

The zloty section will be decorated with a zloty from the popular year 1767, but in an unpopular coin condition. Very good detail, excellent mint gloss … The coin will satisfy even the most demanding collectors 🙂

There will also be very nice zlotys from 1787, 1790 and 1794. The latter has an additional curiosity in the form of a punctured date (number 3 to 4).

We wish you a nice day 🙂

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