At our E-Auction 11 – The coinage of Stanisław August Poniatowski

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We have a Sunday, for most people a day of rest, and what can relax collectors more than the sight of beautiful coins?

To make the afternoon pleasant for you, we decided to present 3 coins from the coin department of Stanisław August Poniatowski! We know how many lovers of this coinage we have here, both copper and silver, but today we want to show three zloty coins from the subsequent years of minting – 1791, 1792 and 1793.

The first one is a beautiful, natural specimen with a nice patina and minimal justification.

The second one has a phenomenal, mint shine and well-preserved detail.

The third one is an excellent coin, which received the 2nd highest mark in the NGC MS63 register!

And now we can reveal that this section will not only be silver-bronze, but also something gold, minted in a low circulation 😉

Meanwhile, we are going to rest before the next busy weekend, and we wish you a nice day! 😉


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