Swedish coinage is always an interesting element of an auction. In recent years, we have seen an increasing influx of Polish collectors to the occupation coins, which is good – it is also part of our history!

At our E-Auction 11 you will have the opportunity to increase your collection by a few rare coins, today, for example, we will show you two interesting facts – a fyrk from 1593 and a grosz from 1632.

Fyrk is a Swedish coin minted also during the reign of the Swedish king Sigismund III Vasa 🙂 Our specimen comes from the interregnum, but it has traditionally been included in the collections of Sigismund coins. It is, moreover, a coin extremely rarely listed in the domestic trade (2 copies on onebid).

In turn, the Elbląg grosz from 1632 is the last year of minting Gustaw Adolf’s coins, a very rare coin, determined by Kopicki with the rarity level R6

We will leave them here and return to morning coffee and further work on the auction 🙂


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