At our E-Auction 11 – One of the most beautiful Stefan Batory thalers from 1585

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Ladies and Gentlemen.

We know that we are in the middle of holidays, but due to the upcoming auction, which will take place at the beginning of September, we have no other choice… we have to free you from holiday lethargy through numismatic adrenaline applications 😉 We looked at our system, looking at the auction tree being built and we fell on the thaler injection, which recently amazed our client – “how do you give it for September and not for the stationary auction in November?!?!?!” Yes, we give. After all, this coin fits perfectly with the doctrine of our company – two catalog auctions with carefully selected values, surrounded by the so-called e-auctions, where everyone will find something for themselves, from two GN for a few zlotys, to items for which you can buy mid-range car 😉

Moving on to the merits, it is our great pleasure and satisfaction to present in our opinion one of the most beautiful 1585 thalers ever listed on the auction market, absolutely perfect and out of the box NGC MS62.

An interesting issue of the Transylvanian minting of a Polish coin minted on behalf of the Polish king with his title as the ruler of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, with Polish coronation insignia – a scepter and a crown. The only typical Transylvanian representation here is the appearance of the Batory coat of arms turned the other way (this is the original appearance of the coat of arms known from other Transylvanian coins, interestingly immortalized in this form also in Matejko’s painting).

In terms of the iconographic concept, the issue is similar to thalers and Vilnius nine-dollar coins from 1580.

Obverse: along the linear edge a torso of the king in armor and a crown, holding a scepter, along the outer edge a legend:


Reverse: along the linear edge, separated at the top by a five-bow crown, with reflective fleurons, with 9 jewels in the rim, a coat of arms of the Polish type with the coats of arms of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the coat of arms of the Dragon Teeth of the Batory family; on the sides of the dial the date 15-85 and the initials N-B (Nagy-Banya); along the outer rim:


If you have survived to the end and would like to participate in the construction of our next events, please contact us – we guarantee not 100%, but 200% commitment and reliable work on your values, natural for our specializations.



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