At our E-Auction 10 – Coins from the PRL (Polish People’s Republic) period

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During the promotion of the upcoming auction, we have not yet had the opportunity to show coins from the Polish People’s Republic period!

One of the most outstanding items in this section is the 1949 – 1995 coin collection in dedicated booklets, where you will find many selected mint-grade items suitable for grading, and rare, sought-after vintages are also present. The entire collection can be viewed on the Onebid website under item 1664.

Another great item is 1,000 zlotys. 1988 John Paul II NGC PF 67 Ultra Cameo, a gold-minted coin weighing 3.1 g.

Another great item is 100 zlotys 1973 Copernicus – Nickel minting, which received the second highest NGC rating so far – MS67.

The auction will also include circulation coins, such as 1 zloty 1968 (MS64), 100 zlotys 1966 Mieszko and Dąbrówka (MS66), 200 zlotys 1974 XXX Years of the Polish People’s Republic – (PF68 ULTRA CAMEO), 5 zlotys 1971 Rybak – NGC (MS64), 100 zlotys 1966 Mieszko and Dąbrówka in a Pewex case.

There will also be commemorative and collector coins, including the Wawel Castle, Capercaillie, Beaver, Swan, Horse, Heron, Bear and Żubr.

There will also be many other beautiful coins, including a large part in issue boxes! We invite you to view the entire offer, register and submit limits on the Onebid website!


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