At our E-Auction 10 – Bydgoszcz ort coins

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Bydgoszcz ort coins from e-auction 10 are really impressive! If someone has not had the opportunity to take a look, we encourage you, even people who are interested in other coins.

In fact, it is enough to look at the first ort coin from 1621 in our post, which is in an EXTRAORDINARY state of preservation.

On the Polish auction market for the first time in note MS63 for a variety with face value (16) under the bust of the king.

The second highest NGC rating of all Bydgoszcz ort coins from the year 1621.

In our opinion, over the past 30 years, there has been no better specimen!

Obverse edge legend ended with PRV: MA.

On the reverse, on the sides of the shield, there are straight mantlings, while the crown is decorated alternately with crosses and circles at the base.

A phenomenal coin that will decorate even an advanced collection of orts! We highly recommend it and we are looking forward to bidding!

Another coin, perhaps not so impressive due to the state of preservation, but unusual in terms of rarity, is the ort from 1623 with bows and rosettes. An item that is unique in trade, despite its weaker appearance, it is worth recommending even for the most advanced collections!

A huge rarity – for the first time in Onebid’s domestic auction offer.

The rarest variety of this sought-after and valued ort with mantlings in the form of the so-called bow.

This variety is distinguished by a rosette at the end of the reverse legend and a crown with a simple base decorated with five rosettes.

On the obverse, there is a bust of the king with a bow crown, with two rosettes, and a rim legend with crosses at the beginning and end.

In Igor Szatalin’s catalog, this variety was rated R7 and it is the highest rarity for the entire 1623 vintage!

In the company’s history so far, we have already had an ort from 1623 with bows of the rarity R7, but in a different variant – with a mistake in the legend – GO instead of GOT.

Despite the poorer state of preservation, it obtained the price of PLN 7,080.

The next item is the Bydgoszcz ort, the reverse of which has been illustrated in the latest specialist catalog by Igor Shatalin!

Despite the common, poorer condition of preservation, the author decided to present the reverse of this specimen.

It was probably difficult to find a better condition, taking into account the rarity of this ort – R6.

Front side inscription SIGIS (…) PRVS MAS.

On the reverse, LIV NEC instead of LIV NECO, mantlings in the form of a spiral topped with rosettes, small date digits.

The next item is the ort from the Bydgoszcz Mint, the obverse of which has been illustrated in the latest Igor Shatalin’s catalog!

A circumstantial specimen, with a beautiful shine.

Not described in the Shatalin’s catalog, a rare, punctuation variant of the reverse – asterisks instead of dots.

Mantlings topped with leaves, in the base of the crown there are six crosses.

On the obverse, the inscription PRVS M, a dot at the beginning of the legend, a rosette at the end.

At the end, 3 coins in mint condition, in which we have shown only one side on purpose, to encourage you to view all the orts from the upcoming auction! 🙂

We hope that Sunday passes peacefully, and from next week we will show you more great items from the upcoming event!


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