At our E-Auction 10 – Ancient coins

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Or maybe we will show you some ancient coins for a change? It is a very popular and extremely wide section, and the collected material should once again satisfy demanding collectors.

We collected 281 items at the auction, including many lots, which in total gives a wide selection!

The auction will include Byzantine coins (e.g. the gold follis of Anastasius I), Greek (e.g. a variation of the new style of the very popular ‘owl’, which is less commonly found in trade), Macedonian (e.g. Tetradrachma of Philip II or Alexander the Great), coins of the Seleucid Kingdom (e.g. the tetradrachm of Antiochus VII Sidetes), the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire.

Below we attach some photos, but as always, you can see the whole on the Onebid website!

We also invite you to register for the auction, which has only 3 days left, it is worth doing it earlier, because before the auction the approval process may be slightly longer.


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