At our Auction 9 – Rare Władysław IV thaler

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The first April is usually a time for jokes, but we want to show one of the decorations in our auction a week before the auction. Władysław IV Waza’s thalers are a very grateful subject to collect, but only collectors with a wealthier wallet can afford it. This is the department most interested in people who want to invest several dozen or several hundred thousand zlotys in a few coins, instead of several dozen or several hundred smaller items.

The item from the upcoming auction is unique because it is an sporadically listed yearbook (1636, Gdańsk), which is absent from Polish auction archives! The last listing of this variety comes from 2011 from the 2nd Sincona Lot 1157 Auction. The item appreciated according to the high degree of rarity of R5 and appreciated by the high valuation of Tyszkiewicz (75 marks)! We are talking about the thaler from the Gdańsk mint, minted in 1636!

Obverse: along the rim, an oval cartouche with the town coat of arms, supported by two lions leaning their legs against the console; cartouche topped with a wreath with two palm branches and one laurel branch, a legend along the outer rim:


Reverse: along the string edge, a royal bust in armor and a wide lace collar, with the Order of the Golden Fleece on a chain with 5 visible flints, 3/4 to the right, looking straight ahead, along the outer edge a legend:


A phenomenal item that is missing in many, even advanced collections! It will be a very good opportunity to supplement your collection on April 9!

We strongly recommend it and invite you to register on the Onebid platform!


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