At our Auction 9 – Phaleristics, medals and jewelry

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We start this morning with a reminder of phaleristics, medals and jewelery from the upcoming event.

The auction includes many fantastic specimens from each of these departments and it is impossible to recall everything, but we invite you to review the selected items!

  1. Officer’s badge of the 23rd Light Artillery Regiment
  2. Eagle designed by Cz. Jarnuszkiewicz with the emblem of the sappers’ corps
  3. Eagle of the 22nd Regiment of Infantry, Siedlce or the 22nd Regiment of Podkarpacie Uhlan Brody – a unique item, known on the market only from this specimen.
  4. Badge of the commander of the 20th Horse Falcon Field Team – a unique eagle of the Polish paramilitary organization.
  5. Silver Olympic Medal in Boxing after Jerzy Adamski
  6. Medal for the 300th anniversary of Toruń and Prussia’s return to Poland
  7. Coronation Medal 1697, August II the Strong
  8. Heraldic signet ring with the coat of arms of Leliwa
  9. Wooden mourning cross
  10. National mourning bracelet

Of course, there will be many other interesting items at the auction, and we would like to remind you that there is just over 25 hours left before the auction starts! This is the perfect time to register for an auction and set an alarm on your watch when it begins!

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