At our Auction 9 – Ort coins of John II Casimir Vasa

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Collectors of the orts of John II Casimir Vasa will once again have reasons to be happy and a wide selection in the upcoming auction offer. At the 9th auction, the offer included coins from the mints in Wschowa, Bydgoszcz, Poznań, Gdańsk and Elbląg!

Often on our profile, when publishing items, there were often voices of admiration, especially with the coins of Wschowa, whose beautiful representative was also at this auction! However, we are curious if if you had the perfect coin from the mint in Elbląg, which one would you choose?

We have to admit that it would be hard for us to make up our minds and each of the mints has that something in them, so why not collect all of them? 😉

Please find below the coins from the mints in Wschowa (MS63), Poznań (condition 1-), Bydgoszcz (condition 1-), Gdańsk (condition 3+) and Elbląg (condition 3+).

We hope you like it! Soon we will present even more items from the upcoming auction!


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