At our Auction 9 – Beautiful and rare medieval coins

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Medieval coin lovers will once again find a group of exquisite coins at our auction.

The best example of this is an outstanding copy of 1/4 grosz Witold Kiejstutowicz from the years 1401-1402 from the mint in Vilnius.

Absolutely one of the most spectacular Lithuanian coins of this period, especially in such excellent condition.

An exquisite, circumstantial specimen, high relief, charming patina and natural shine.

Extreme rarity.

Over the course of over 20 years, in the available archives, we managed to find only one such specimen of this type, but in a different variant.

In the presented variant of the stamp, for the first time on the domestic auction market:

– on the obverse, there are no dots on the structure, the columns are of equal length

– on the reverse, a colon under Pogoń. 

Rarity confirmed in the specialized catalog of Ivanauxas – RRRR.

To the best collections!

Another great item is Ludwik Węgierski’s goldgulden from the mint in Buda.

An excellent, circumstantial specimen.

Beautiful shine and great appearance.

In our opinion, one of the most beautiful specimens of this type on the numismatic market.

The goldgulden of Louis of Hungary (also known as Louis I the Great), king of Poland and Hungary in the years 1370-1382, is a rare and sought-after coin from the early history of Polish gold coins.

In this state of preservation, it is difficult to access.

Another item that deserves special attention is the denarius of Bolesław II the Bold, the prince on horseback. The coin appreciated by the highest rating in the NGC MS65 grading, among the so far issued! An excellent copy with a strong two-sided shine.

Another one of the most beautiful, in our opinion, representatives of this type of coin on the collector’s market is the denarius of Bolesław the Wrymouth as the prince of Silesia.

One of the highest NGC grading scores for these very rare denarii.

An exquisite, mint-colored specimen with intense shine all over the surface.

One of the oldest coins in Wrocław. Issued before 1107.

High degree of rarity in the catalogs of Kopicki (R8) and Gumowski (RR).

From the coins of Władysław II the Exile, we can recommend a denarius minted in Krakow – the prince and bishop.

A copy with beautifully preserved details.

The coin is very rare in this condition, definitely worth recommending.

Obverse: a half-figure of the prince holding a sword and shield straight ahead, E lying in the field, a mimetic legend along the outer rim.

Reverse: the half-figure of the bishop standing in front of him, holding a crosier with a curve to the left, and the Bible, along the outer rim is a mimic legend.

Finally, Władysław I Herman, Denar without a date, Kraków – imitation

A very nice stylistic imitation of the popular and willingly collected denarius Władysław I Herman.

We strongly recommend all items and invite you to participate in our onebid auction!


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