At our Auction 8 – Trojak coin of Riga Stefan Batory from 1586, undescribed

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Auction 8 in less than 20 days!

At the outset, we would like to remind you that the work takes place in an open catalog, thanks to which you are able to keep track of the added items

For today, at first glance, we have prepared the popular Riga trojak coins, Stefan Batory, from 1586, while the collectors of this ruler’s trojak coins must have already noticed that it is an undescribed by Iger bust with a characteristic, wide, mesh crown.

The coin is not only very interesting from the typological point of view, but was additionally rated by NGC with a very high MS64 score!

Obverse: denomination mark III between lilies, below it the coat of arms of Riga, separating the dates 15-85 and the beginning of the GR-OS legend, below it 3 further lines of the legend:

Reverse: a crowned royal bust with numerous jewels in the crown’s rim, with a visible mesh cap, in plate armor, facing right, along the rim legend:

We recommend the coin for specialized collections of Polish trojak coins and coins of Stefan Batory!


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