At our Auction 8 – trojak coin from the Crown Mint in Lublin in NGC MS65

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The trojak coins of Lublin have always aroused interest and are one of the most eagerly auctioned items. There are also several publications, including “The Mint of the Crown in Lublin 1595-1601” and a specialized catalog for people who like collecting coins according to the portraits “Chronology of portraits of Sigismund III on trojak coins from the Lublin mint”. For collectors of the trojak coins from the Lublin mint, we recommend not only the catalog of Iger’s trojak coins, but also the above-mentioned studies by D. Marzęta

Now let’s focus on the item that appeared in our offer. The coin was appreciated the second highest, among the so far awarded, in the NGC grading, where only two copies were rated on the MS66! An exquisite, specimen specimen of the Lublin triple with a perfectly preserved mint gloss. Variety with the mint initial (“L”) on the left side of the Lewart coat of arms, with a type 39 bust according to D. Marzęta’s typology.

Obverse: a royal bust with a crown, armor and a cloak, with a tubular ruff seen from the side, facing right, along the rim legend:


Reverse: denomination of the face value III, underneath the coat of arms of the
Eagle – Crown of the Kingdom of Poland, Sheaf – of the Vasa and Pogoń dynasty – the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, below the legend in three lines GROS.ARG / TRI REG / POLONI, below the Lewart coat of arms in the shield, between the mint initial L and the abbreviation of the date 98.

Once again, a very interesting group of trojak coins will appear at the auction, including a large part in mint states of preservation! There will also be interesting and undescribed variants

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