At our Auction 8 – Toruń ort coin of John II Casimir Vasa from 1664 (THRVNENSIS)

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Have you seen the offer of John II Casimir Vasa’s Toruń orts from the upcoming auction? If not, this is definitely something to catch up on! Exquisitely preserved specimens in interesting variants, where some of them are graded with MS marks, and the other part without grading.

The coin in today’s presentation is a rare variation with a THRVNENSIS error instead of THORVNENSIS in the obverse legend and a SUE: C error in the reverse legend.

The coin is occasionally traded, practically unavailable in its mint condition.
The specimen was appreciated by the highest, among the so far awarded, NGC grade!

Obverse: along the pearl edge an angel holding an oval cartouche with the coat of arms of Toruń, separating the date 16-64, below which there are the initials HD-L of the mint master and manager – Hans Dawid Lauer, along the outer edge a legend:

Reverse: along the pearl edge, a narrow royal bust in armor, with a visible collar, in the royal cloak fastened with a jewel, in a crown with five club fleurons, with seven oval gems in the rim, facing right, with the Order of the Golden Fleece on a chain, along the outer edge a legend:

Fantastic coin that should encourage you to look at this ruler’s city coins


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