At our Auction 8 – The most beautiful ort coin from Wschowa from 1650

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Recently, we wanted to draw your attention to the Toruń ort coins of John II Casimir Vasa. Today there will be a coin that most collectors of Wschowa coins will dream about for a long time!

In our opinion, the most beautiful ort of Wschowa from the 1650 vintage that appeared on the numismatic market! A phenomenal coin, close to perfection The ort was stamped centrally with every detail and virtually no traces of justification! Coin was illustrated in the online catalog of Dariusz Pączkowski under the item 1303.a1.

The first year of the orts of Jan Kazimierz, minted according to the new minting ordinance of silver of the fineness of 14 Łuta (16 Łutów – pure ore).
An unusual, rare reverse variety with a royal apple above the crown.
Legend text variant:
– on the obverse JOAN CASIMI / DG REX PETS (without punctuation marks).
– on the reverse of MONET ARGE / REGNI PO (punctuation marks in the form of dots).

A coin that may not appear on the market for a very long time, so it is the perfect opportunity to give yourself a pre-Christmas gift! To the best collections!

Obverse: along the pearl edge a royal bust in a laurel wreath, armor and cloak, with 8 stripes of the armor sleeve visible, with a large Order of the Golden Fleece, along the outer edge legend: IOAN CASIMI – DG REX PETS

Reverse: along the pearl rim, a five-field coat of arms with the coats of arms of the Crown, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Sheaf of the Vasa dynasty coat of arms, on the sides of the shield the denomination mark I-8, at the top a crown with three fluorens in the form of rosettes topped with a royal apple, along the outer rim a legend separated by the coat of arms of Wieniawa Of the Treasurer of the Great Crown Bogusław Leszczyński: MONET • ARGE – REGNI • PO1650


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