At our Auction 8 – The denarius of Bolesław IV the Curly

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At the end of the week, we catch up and publish the promised denarius

A phenomenal, specimen of Bolesław IV the Curly without any traces of circulation and with a fantastic mint gloss.

A type of denarius combined with a tribute to Frederick Barbarossa in 1157, in Krzyszków near Poznań.
Variety undescribed by Stronczyński:
– on the obverse, crescents on the sides of the emperor, a square crown
– on the reverse, four lines at the beginning and five lines at the end of the legend.

Bolesław IV the Curly was the son of Bolesław III Wrymouth, after whose death he took power over the districts of Mazovia and Kujawy. He left behind an interesting fragment of coinage, which is worth considering and considering including it in the collection, especially specimens in such excellent condition

Obverse: the emperor on the throne, in a square crown, with a lily and an apple in his hands, crescents on the emperor’s sides

Reverse: an inscription in three lines BOL / EZГ / AVS (A and V inverted, S lying)

We definitely recommend and invite you to browse through the remaining items, and there is plenty to watch as the auction is approaching 1400 items!

Meanwhile, we wish you a peaceful evening!


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