At our Auction 8 – Selected półtorak coins

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We will spend Sunday calmly with selected półtorak coins, which will have the opportunity to supplement your collections in about 12 days

It is a section that has been enjoying great popularity for some time and has a large crowd of buyers. A group of coinage coins appeared at auction 8, which should satisfy even the most demanding collectors. Well structured, with an excellent mint gloss and a delicate patina.

Most of the coins are in the MS notes with the exception of the last one which was rated at AU55. The first coin from 1618 was awarded the highest rating so far in the history of NGC MS64! Two more from 1624 and 1616 were rated MS63. Particularly noteworthy is the copy from 1616 due to the phenomenal quality of the issue for early years and the amazing gloss! Coins from 1617-1619 received MS62 notes.

Despite the popular varieties, półtorak coins are characterized by excellent conservation conditions and may soon supplement the new collections


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