At our Auction 8 – ort coin of Frederick III 1698. NGC MS64

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Ort coins is a section that is gaining more and more popularity with each auction.
A good example is our last e-auction, where one of the highest results for the ortho from 1626 was awarded, PLN 11,800! It was a phenomenal coin, but after all, such coins enjoy new buyers the most

Today, however, we would like to show an ortho historically connected with Poland, minted in the mint in Królewiec with the image of Frederick III. The coin is absolutely mint, slightly misfired, but with a fantastic mint gloss. The copy was appreciated with a high mark in the NGC MS64 register.

Obverse: along the rope edge a royal bust in armor, a crown, with a sword in his right hand, along the outer edge a legend:

Reverse: an eagle under a crown separating the legend, on the sides of the tail the initials S-D of Zygmunt Dannies, along the rim a legend:


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