At our Auction 8 – Gdańsk ducat of Jan III Sobieski

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This ducat of Jan III Sobieski is delicious! Despite a slight central deficiency, the coin is simply excellent. It has a beautiful mint shine and great appearance.

It is a type of Jan III Sobieski’s Gdańsk ducat with a portrait of the king in a crown and the order of the Holy Spirit on his armor. Stamped with stamps from 1683, by the outstanding Gdańsk medalist Höhn, in the mint under the management of Christian and Dawid Schirmer.

The coin, which Kopicki and Kamiński-Kurpiewski jointly assessed as R3, and Tyszkiewicz as 18 Mk.

Obverse: royal bust in armor with the order of the Holy Spirit on the chest, along the rim a legend:

Reverse: lions supporting the city shield standing on a decorative console, a small wreath of rosettes above the shield, three twigs in the center, flowers under the lions’ paws, a legend along the rim:

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