At our Auction 8 – Cracow grosz from 1546 “roses in the hoop”

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After a longer break related to numerous shipments, intensive work on the November auction and commission acceptances, it is time to return to the presentation of selected items from the upcoming event. Watchful observers of our website have noticed that we are working on an open catalog, where you can keep track of the added items. We hope that most of the observers have already selected values that in a few weeks may add to their collections, if not then we encourage you to carefully observe our catalog on the Onebid platform 😉

As an incentive, the extremely interesting Krakow grosz from 1546 “roses in the hoops”.
The yearbook is famous for many deviations from the norm (the rarest are compositional mistakes in the representation of the crown), in this case a characteristic iconographic error in the form of showing three rosettes in the crown rim seen from below, interpreted as roses, and not, as is usually the case, second fleurons sides of the crown seen from the inside.

The coin was also appreciated in Tyszkiewicz’s catalogs, who valued it at 25 Marks, where some ducats of Sigismund III and Jan Kazimierz are valued below 20 Mk, and Kopicki and Kurpiewski at R7.

Obverse: a closed crown, topped with a cross, with three fleurons, with a full rim seen from below, with three rosettes inscribed in it. Under the crown, there is a legend in three lines:
under it the coat of arms of Leliwa Podskarbi Wielki Koronny Spytek Tarnowski between his initials; centrally seen centric point from the stamp;

Reverse: along the pearl edge, an eagle with 11 feathers in the left and 10 in the right wing,
with a spreading tail, with four-tailed legs, crowned with an open crown with three fleurons; along the outer rim:


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