At our Auction 8 – Coins historically associated with Poland

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The evening post is a bit late, but the persistent ones will have something to admire

Coins historically associated with Poland are very popular, and this section will guarantee some excellent items. Among them are, among others, the excellent ort of Frederick William from 1716, a beautiful mint specimen extremely rare in such excellent condition. The coin appreciated by the highest rating awarded so far by NGC – MS61. We also recall the ort from the mint in Königsberg, shown some time ago, an excellent specimen appreciated at NGC with the MS63 mark! The offer also includes the much-liked ort of George Wilhelm from 1632 in the second highest NGC grading note for this type of ort coin.

From small, selected coins, a beautiful, mint specimen of a typologically rarer item with a very well preserved mint gloss, i.e. the Albrecht Frederick denarius from 1571, a variety with a rosette and two circles above the monogram, was put up for auction. In addition, the coin was recognized with the highest rating of the NGC MS62, among the so far issued.

There will also be Pomeranian coins, among which the two outstanding items are 1/3 thaler of Charles XI from 1674 and the excellent 1504 schilling of Bogusław X, so far the only one of this type, offered on the domestic market, in the MS note.

At the end, 1/16 thaler of Bogusław XIV from 1628.

We wish you a pleasant evening and a peaceful night!


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