At our Auction 8 – Coins from the Probus collection

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Have you seen the coins from the Probus collection from the upcoming auction?

It is a collection of phenomenal, carefully selected items, often not described anywhere or extremely rare, that are traded once in many years!

Interesting differences in busts and reverse sides make ancient coins a virtually unlimited possibility of expanding the collection. The number of differences is related to the large number of rulers and the multitude of mints, as well as the intensive development of the coinage

Today’s coin is Probus, Antoninian Serdika with a rare and sought-after consular bust facing the right (much, much rarer than the consular bust facing left in the Probus coinage). A beautiful, circumstantial specimen with full silver plating. Sol was the favorite and most depicted god of the Roman pantheon in the Probus coinage. There are many variants of the reverse of Sol (with different legends), but the representation of Sol in a quadriga (to the left or straight) remains an iconic, even classic reverse for Probus coinage. This type of reverse was minted at the mints of Lugdunum, Rome, Ticinum, Siscia, Serdica and Kyzikos, with each mint having its own unique style.

Obverse: a bust of the emperor in a radiant crown and consular robe, holding a scipio,
facing right, along the edge legend:

Reverse: Sol in the quadriga straight ahead, holding his hand in greeting and a whip,
along the rim with a legend:
SO-LI I-NVIC-T-O, w odcinku KAB

We strongly recommend and invite you to browse through the rest of the items, and we promise you: there’s plenty to watch!


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