At our Auction 8 – 5 zlotys1928 Amrogowicz – SP65 +

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We are pleased to present another unique specimen, which will change its owner through us in less than 4 weeks. We are talking about a “coin”, which in itself is extremely rare, but is also in absolutely perfect condition at our auction.

A specimen of unprecedented quality, stamped with a specially prepared, polished stamp giving the final SLR effect, prepared by the excellent medalist Karl Goetz, appreciated by the highest score given so far by PCGS – SP65 +

A very rare coin, considered to be minted in a mintage of up to 10, according to older sources.

He owes his fame, among others, to the image of the Virgin Mary on the reverse, but also to its second life in 1939.
At that time, the Germans issued a series of medals based on the Amrogowicz coin, however, changing the inscriptions and slightly images, creating a propaganda souvenir, which was to proclaim the miraculous image of Częstochowa, to be defended by zealous Germans.

Variety minted in silver. A copy for the most demanding collections, it is difficult to imagine replacing it with a better one!

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