We decided to devote this day to small circulation coins of Sigismund III Vasa.
Undoubtedly, the topic is very interesting and diverse, which has been proven many times by Dariusz Marzęta by publishing his entries on Blog Numizmatyczny Dariusz Marzęta
and in numerous editions in paper form, including a very interesting study of the Mint of Riga
in the “Katalog Szelągów ryskich Zygmunta III Wazy”, which shows, inter alia, many interesting variants and varieties

A lot of beautiful general cargo was put at the Auction 7, including coins from mints in Vilnius, Bydgoszcz and Riga. All of them, of course, selected, nicely minted and most of them in the
MS notes

Bydgoszcz represents a very nice 1623 szeląg coin in the MS61 note in NGC. As for this issue, the presented specimen has a very deep relief, well-preserved details and a beautiful mint gloss, which is rarely preserved in such a large amount on the surface. Then, in the photos, you can see the exquisite Riga szeląg coins from the years 1617 and 1618 in the MS63 and MS64 notes. Particularly noteworthy are the coins from 1617, which are minted almost perfectly, thanks to which every detail is clearly visible.
The beauty of the coin is complemented by the natural, fresh mint shine. The first one with the monogram was awarded with the MS63 note, and the second, with the coat of arms of the city of Riga – the MS64 keys. Szeląg from 1618 was stamped with a damaged stamp, but thanks to its freshness and lack of circulation, it was awarded the MS63 mark in NGC.

We offer the greatest variety from the Vilnius Mint. The auction includes excellent szeląg coins-  – all in MS61-63. In the Vilnius Mint, many marks were used at the beginning and end of the legend – circles, stars, empty dots, 3 empty dots in the form of a flower and many others,
so it is worth paying attention to the specimens of interest to us and buying the missing items.
Szeląg coins are relatively simple coins, but they are a lot of fun with precise identification, especially if they are well preserved – which is a rarity.

Most often, szeląg coins are in circular state due to their denomination, which was used for many payments in the 17th century for small products, in addition, stamps were often worn out, which causes many defects on them. Finding a satisfactory copy often takes a lot of time,
so it’s worth looking at the coins below and, after opening the catalog, add them to your watched items!

One by one Vilnius szeląg coins 1614 (14), 1615 (15), 1616 (1616), 1617 (17), 1618 (18), 1623.

We invite you to watch and we wish you a short time at work so that we can start the weekend as soon as possible! 


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