At our Auction 7 – phaleristics and military

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On Tuesday, we decided to propose an overview of the section that is still gaining in popularity (and is getting bigger) at our auctions.

Do you already know what section it is about? Yes, it’s phaleristics and military!

Our Auction VII found a very large group of these items, among them many curiosities.

Traditionally, we have something for admirers of Polish badges of the Second Polish Republic, something for sphragistics, several sabers, many decorations, including a number of rare and very rare ones.

The most recognizable ones include the Crosses of the Order of Virtuti Militari, Crosses of Valor, Sabers, model 17, or various classes of the Order of Polonia Restituta.

In addition to strictly phaleristic items, it is also worth paying attention to the very rare coins of the cooperative of the 10th Uhlans regiment.

We invite you to register, watch and bid on:…/auct…/916257/1577/Falerystyka-polska



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