At our Auction 7 – indescribable Gdańsk thaler 1640

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Do you remember our promotional graphics that appeared on our fanpage every Friday?
We decided to come back to them

It is not easy when we made Saturday a day of gold, but we will try to make Fridays equally exciting!

At the beginning, we propose a stately, though inconspicuous coin.

Władysław IV Vasa’s thalers from the mint in Gdańsk are thalers of this ruler appearing on the market much less frequently than those from Toruń, not to mention the crown issues from Bydgoszcz.

Due to their rarity and, at the same time, popularity among collectors, however, they are quite well described thanks to Gedanensis Dutkowski’s Corpus Nummorum or the Catalog of Polish coins by Kamiński and Kurpiewski.

One representative of this coin, in the form of a thaler from 1640, also found our auction. However, the circulating state of conservation is not a downside here. We are dealing with an extraordinary item, because it is not described in the literature!

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that we are dealing here with an imprint of a date from the rarer vintage 1639 and an oval coat of arms unknown in 1640.

In this variant, the coin practically does not exist on the auction market!

Obverse: an oval, pearl cartouche with the city coat of arms supported by two lions, based on
a console open at the top with the date 163/49/0, crowned with palm leaves and a standing twig, under the lions’ feet, the initials GR Gerhardt Rogge – tenant of the mint in the years
1639-1656; along the outer rim the legend:

Reverse: along the string edge, a royal bust in a crown with four visible bows decorated with numerous jewels, with five rosette fleurons separated by pearls, with a hoop decorated with jewels in the arrangement of two vertically arranged round jewels and one diamond-shaped or rectangular jewel, in armor with a wide lined a lace collar, in a coat, with the Order of the Golden Fleece on a chain with 5 visible flints, facing right, along the outer rim legend:

Despite the poorer condition, the coin is definitely recommendable!


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