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Recent months show that this precious metal is still a desired and very willingly purchased material. Our auction will be full of many gold coins, including one of the most-bought coins –
– tsarist rubles.

In addition to investment values, it is an excellent collector’s material. Our offer for the upcoming event is based on carefully selected material that is able to satisfy even the most demanding collectors. The wide offer includes, among others, beautiful 5-ruble coins from the years 1887-1889 of Alexander III and many 5-ruble coins from Nicholas II from 1897-1909. There will be such rarities as the chervonets from 1923 in the excellent MS64 note!
When collecting tsarist gold, it is worth investing in selected, minted states of preservation, because there are much less of them and with later resale you can get a much higher price, additionally they are very pleasing to the eye

5-ruble coins of Nicholas were minted in the years 1897-1911, excluding coins with the dates 1905 and 1908. Without going into the inscription and edge variations, this gives us 13 years to collect, of which coins from 1906 and 1907 are practically impossible to buy, because their mintage is only 10 pieces, and their quotations are very few. So there are 11 years left, most of which you will be able to obtain at our upcoming auction 7 and right away in beautiful condition! After collecting all the years, you can also expand the collection with variants (a border with the minter’s initials and without the initials), add, for example, coins with a denomination of 7.5, 10 or 15 rubles to the collection of 5 ruble, and collect gold from previous rulers, for example the aforementioned Alexander III.

The older generation of people and collectors colloquially called and often continues to call
5-ruble coins pigs. The name comes from the value of this coin in the years 1897-1911,
where it was exactly the same as a handsome pig bought most often around Easter.
Interestingly, two years ago, before the large increases in gold prices, the value of a 120 kg pig was very similar to this coin. Currently, the value of 5-rubles is much higher!

Why is it worth investing in these coins? They are one of the most recognizable and most often bought coins all over the world, most people dealing with gold will easily buy these coins much more willingly than other, previously unknown coins from all over the world

Auction 7 will be held on April 10-11, 2021. We invite you to cooperate with us and keep a close eye on our profile, where we will reveal new excellent values every week!


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