Stanisław August Poniatowski’s coins at our e-auction attracted extraordinary interest.
This was due to, among others, selected coins such as the 1788 thaler or the exquisite
2 zlotys 1785 in the maximum note, which ended for almost 45,000 zlotys!
Our April auction will also be full of excellent specimens, a fragment of which we want to
show you today

Traditionally, the list includes both graded coins and items without “plastic”, so that everyone can buy the item that interests them

The first shot will be beautiful zlotys from 1766 and 1791. The coins from the first years of minting from our auction were selected in terms of the visibility of details, they also do not have any flaws in metal, justification or scratches, which for collectors of this ruler is an additional advantage. Many mint specimens on the market have the above-mentioned mintage flaws, which arouse mixed feelings among some

Today, silver coins are closed with a two-zloty coin from 1768 in good condition and a Gdańsk trojak coin 1765 in excellent condition, a very interesting typological item that is missing in many collections.

Moving on to the copper coins of this ruler, we want to briefly present a few values,
among which are the grosz 1768 MS62 BN and the trojak from 1766 or 1767.

Of course, that’s not all The entire auction will be full of many beautiful and rare items that have aroused the emotions of collectors for years.
It is worth being vigilant and following our Facebook on a regular basis!

Auction VII will be held on April 10-11, 2021!


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