December 1830. The insurgent National Government gives the Warsaw Mint to the management of the Bank of Poland and when the Seym dethrones Nicholas I in January 1831, the Warsaw Mint replaces the stamps, replacing the Russian eagle with a two-field shield with the coat of arms of Poland and Lithuania. Unfortunately, the uprising failed.
This short episode in the history of our country resulted in the most recognizable coins from the period of Poland under the partitions.

This weekend, we invite you to a short review of the insurgent 3 groszy coins, which will appear at our April auction. We will offer several copies, of which 4 are mentioned in this article,
and it is not even half of the offer from this denomination

Thus, in April, we will offer you the largest selection of insurgent 3-groszy coins that was ever available during one event – everyone will find a copy for themselves, from high MS to the classic eye-pleasing circulation

With collector’s greetings.
RDA team


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