At our Auction 16 – A rare szóstak of Augustus II

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Szóstak – a rare and sought-after denomination of Augustus II with the initials EPH of mintmaster Ernst Peter Hecht on the reverse. A beautiful and very fresh piece with sheet metal defects typical of this issue. Crown szóstak coins of Augustus II the Strong were produced at the Leipzig mint in 1698 (trial issue), 1702, 1704, 1706. The one offered at our auction is therefore the first year of a larger, regular issue of this denomination from the times of Augustus II, terestingly, without the consent of the Sejm and the Senate.

Tadeusz Kałkowski wrote about it as follows: “not paying attention to it and knowing that the powerless Republic of Poland would not draw any consequences from this fact, immediately in 1698 he started minting Polish crown coins at the Leipzig mint.”…/monety-august-ii-mocny…/2070242


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