At our Auction 15 – The unique Leipzig szóśtak of Augustus III

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“Sz” instead of VI – this is not the only feature that raises the rank of this above-average szóstak of Augustus III in terms of its state of preservation. A coin in the patina of an old collection with a mint green shine shining through perfectly under the golden color.

A variation with colons in the legends, without a dot after the date. Out of only 25 listings of a variety with “Sz” instead of “VI” recorded in the Onebid archive since 2000, this variety appeared only five times, including: twice on one item from the Potocki collection, once at an auction in 2018, twice at an auction in 2003 . Therefore, it is only the 5th known representative of this rare variety in the history of Onebid quotes, in the least common variant according to the above archive.

Sheet metal defects and alignment marks typical of this issue.


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