At our Auction 15 – Szóstak of Sigismund III Vasa without date

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If we look at the condition of the Sigismund III Vasa coins shown below, we will notice that the szóstak coin in the middle differs significantly from other denominations in terms of condition. In fact, its condition may not be breathtaking, but when it comes to rarity, it beats all other coins put together.

The presented szóstak is a very rare variety, WITHOUT DATE, with the ending of the obverse legend repeated in its place. A variety not described in the latest catalog by D. Pączkowski, where there is a hybrid with a different obverse stamp with different punctuation. A huge rarity item that may not be available for a second time.

Despite its slightly weaker condition, it is a unique and unique item among the specialized collections of szóstak coins of Sigismund III. We definitely recommend it.…/monety-zygmunt-iii-waza…/1939680


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