At our Auction 15 – Szóstak of John II Casimir – “Lvivian”

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For a “Lvivian”, it’s really a very nice and eye-pleasing art. A nicely stamped and legible piece. After the publication of the catalog of szóstak coins of John II Casimir by Łukasz Ciura, interest in szóstak coins increased exponentially. We are more than sure that this piece will also be appreciated by you.

Obverse: royal bust in armor, with a protruding lace collar, with a cloak, with the Order of the Golden Fleece, a legend around it divided by the Ślepowron coat of arms:


Reverse: two crowned, slightly bent simple coats of arms with the coats of arms of the Crown and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, above, under the crown, the nominal value VI, below, the initials G B-A – Giovanni Baptista Ammuretti, separated by the Snop coat of arms of the Vasa dynasty in a decorative coat of arms shield, with a legend around it:



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