At our Auction 15 – Szóstak coins of John II Casimir Vasa

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We can safely say that the szóstak coins of John II Casimir Vasa have been experiencing a real renaissance on the collector’s market for some time now. The publication of the catalog of the crown szóstak coins of the last of the Vasas, authored by Łukasz Ciura, had a significant impact on this situation. Our company had the honor of being the publisher of this study, which is now a reference catalog publication of this denomination. The book is available in our online store:…/lukasz-ciura…/

Meanwhile, another announcement of the November auction. A rare (Ciura 662.P. (R4), Poniewierka 62.5 (RRR)) typological issue with the ending of the obverse legend L R P. The second and last year of the Poznań szóstak coins of Jan Kazimierz with a characteristic bust and the initials of Mikołaj Gille – the manager of the Poznań mint on reverse. A coin minted before May 17, 1662, when the mint was closed due to embezzlement committed by Gilli.


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